Understanding Garnishment: How a Lawyer Can Help You


Have you ever heard of the term garnishment? It refers to a legal process where a creditor can seize a portion of your wages or assets to satisfy a debt that you owe. Dealing with garnishment can cause major setbacks, especially for those already facing financial difficulties. If you're currently experiencing garnishment or are concerned about it happening in the future, it's crucial to have a clear understanding of your rights and available options.

10 October 2023

5 Effects Of Divorce On Your Bankruptcy Case


Divorce is often tricky by itself, but it can also create ripple effects for years to come. One such effect is how it may alter future bankruptcies by either former spouse. How could your current or prior divorce affect your bankruptcy case? Here are a few of the challenges it may present.  1. Support Obligations Are Exempt This is either good news or bad news for a divorcee, depending on which position they are in.

3 March 2023