Filed For Bankruptcy Protection? 3 Ways To Start Rebuilding Your Credit


You've filed for bankruptcy and your debts have been discharged. Your bankruptcy will remain on your credit report for the next 10 years. That doesn't mean you have to wait 10 years to reestablish your credit.     It may seem strange but many creditors will see you as a good risk once your bankruptcy is discharged. Why? Well, creditors know that you won't be able to file bankruptcy for another 10 years, which means they'll be able to go after you if you fall behind on your payments.

2 September 2015

Don't Catch Yourself In Trouble: Separate Bankruptcy Myths From Facts


Bankruptcy can be an incredibly scary road to go down. In fact, there are many stigmas associated with bankruptcy that may result in you giving bankruptcy the cold shoulder. After all, some of the things that people say about bankruptcy are rather terrifying. However, a lot of things that are said about bankruptcy aren't actually true; they are myths. Here are five assumed facts that are actually myths regarding bankruptcy in Canada.

13 September 2014