What Are Some Potential Tax Garnishment Solutions?


If you're struggling with tax debt, you may be wondering if there are any tax garnishment solutions that can help you get relief. Unfortunately, tax debt is not always dischargeable in bankruptcy, but an experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you review your options. Regardless of what you decide, there are a few potential solutions along with bankruptcy that may help you resolve your tax debt. 1) File Old Tax Returns

22 June 2022

Important Things Your Bankruptcy Lawyer Should Do Before Actually Filing Your Bankruptcy Documents


Because of the financial situation that you might be in, you might have decided that you are going to file bankruptcy. You might have already hired a lawyer, and your lawyer might have already gotten started on the process of helping you file bankruptcy. In fact, it might actually almost be time for your lawyer to file your bankruptcy documents. There are a few important things that your lawyer should do before going through with filing your documents for you, though, such as the things listed here.

3 January 2022